About Us

This blog is about my food adventures in South Africa, whether it is visiting an amazing restaurant, my favorite meals and juices, a baking recipe or a food adventure I had. This cookbook has it all!


My passion for food started with baking when I was seven or eight and it has developed into a love for all foods. Ever since my trip to America in 2017, I learned to love eating adventurously. We tried pizza the size of a dinner plate, some amazing variations on dumplings and the best spaghetti bolognaise ever.


We will go on adventures through Jozi central, Fordsburg, the spice town and Cape Town and Durban. From bunny chow, wine and cheeses, Mexican and amazing burgers we will get down and dirty in South Africa’s culinary experience.


Thanks to my mother for inspiring me and encouraging me to write this blog and making some tasty meals and comfort food, there was always a nice meal on the table, as well as my father who inspired the juice section of this book.

I am currently writing a cook book that I aim to publish (or try) in 2019! It will include all tips, tricks, reviews and recipes in this blog.